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Tips To Buying The Best Kitchen Knives

There are many different sets of kitchen knives out there, and among many how chefs they are among the most useful tools available. Everyone wants to have a good knife set to work with, and they make a major difference when it comes to how quickly and efficiently cutting, slicing, and dicing food no matter what the meal in the actual kitchen. However, there are dozens of different companies producing a wide array of different knives and figuring out which ones are best is a difficult process.

Read on toe figure out what the best knife set is for you!

What Type of Knives Do You Need?

Type of KnivesJust because a knife set is considered one of the best doesn’t necessarily mean it is a great fit for you. Why spend a thousand or a couple thousand on knives when you aren’t going to use most of them or simply aren’t preparing chef level meals? Understanding the types of blades you need and the types you are likely to use will help you figure out what sets are best.

Most people need one very large kitchen knife that is sharp and can be used for serious cutting, but do you really need a butcher’s knife? If you don’t cook large chunks of meat requiring the heavy cut, there’s no need to pay extra money for a top notch cleaver. Also, a ceramic knife can help you in cutting.

Do you cook fish? That makes a fillet knife very useful, but it’s just unneeded extra if you never cook fish. That is a big difference from one situation to another.

There are many fancy knives for spreading butter, for slicing bread loaves, and a variety of other basic uses, but if you never use knives in that manner then all those extra knives are just that: extra. They’re not necessary, and there’s no reason to drop extra money on it.

What Type of Knives Do You Use?

The best high-quality knife sets are going to be ones that are based around the knives you use the most, in addition to those that you need but maybe don’t have. While a 40 piece knife set might sound great, if you don’t use most of those knives, then what is the point of spending all that money on knives you are not going to use?

Almost everyone needs a large knife that can be used for a variety of major cutting purposes. This should be the centerpiece of any knife set and the backbone for a lot of the cooking that is going to require serious knife work. Beyond this, most people will want a group of really fantastic steak knives that can cut through the meat of all kind.

A decent length serrated blade is also a very important part of any knife set. Many cooks, in fact, prefer a couple. These are fantastic for slicing vegetables and fruits, especially for fibrous plants that can be difficult to cut through.

That is why looking at the types of knives you use is important to get the best possible set for your specific needs. A quality ten piece knife set with two good serrated blades, a good large knife, and several smaller steak knives might be a far better fit than a large 20 or 40 piece set that offer more knives but which become more clutter than anything else.

Trust Balance & Feel

fit into your handsYou always want to hold the knives you are looking at purchasing if at all possible. Everyone can talk about blade construction and the cutting effectiveness, but you don’t know how naturally (or not) the handles fit into your hands or how much you like how it works. Knives that could seem like the best choice might feel heavy or clunky in your hands.

If the knife doesn’t feel extremely comfortable and natural in your hand, you need to look for another one. At the end of the day the chef needs to be comfortable with his or her tools, and if you are not particularly comfortable with the knife that is being used, then it doesn’t matter how well constructed it is.

Always trust your interpretation of the balance and feel of the blades and you are far more likely to find knives that work for you.

What Is Your Price Range?

Price matters. While you don’t want a budget to be the final deciding factor, what use is a $5,000 knife set if your budget is a few hundred? Focus on the type of knife sets that are in your price range and eventually you will be able to find one that meets your needs and won’t completely bust your budget.

Keeping all these factors in mind and balance is the best way to figure out which knife sets are truly the best for your specific needs.

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