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Tips To Buying The Best Kitchen Knives

There are many different sets of kitchen knives out there, and among many how chefs they are among the most useful tools available. Everyone wants to have a good knife set to work with, and they make a major difference when it comes to how quickly and efficiently cutting, slicing, and dicing food no matter what the meal in the actual kitchen. However, there are dozens of different companies producing a wide array of different knives and figuring out which ones are best is a difficult process.

Read on toe figure out what the best knife set is for you!

What Type of Knives Do You Need?

Type of KnivesJust because a knife set is considered one of the best doesn’t necessarily mean it is a great fit for you. Why spend a thousand or a couple thousand on knives when you aren’t going to use most of them or simply aren’t preparing chef level meals? Understanding the types of blades you need and the types you are likely to use will help you figure out what sets are best.

Most people need one very large kitchen knife that is sharp and can be used for serious cutting, but do you really need a butcher’s knife? If you don’t cook large chunks of meat requiring the heavy cut, there’s no need to pay extra money for a top notch cleaver. Also, a ceramic knife can help you in cutting.

Do you cook fish? That makes a fillet knife very useful, but it’s just unneeded extra if you never cook fish. That is a big difference from one situation to another.

There are many fancy knives for spreading butter, for slicing bread loaves, and a variety of other basic uses, but if you never use knives in that manner then all those extra knives are just that: extra. They’re not necessary, and there’s no reason to drop extra money on it.

What Type of Knives Do You Use?

The best high-quality knife sets are going to be ones that are based around the knives you use the most, in addition to those that you need but maybe don’t have. While a 40 piece knife set might sound great, if you don’t use most of those knives, then what is the point of spending all that money on knives you are not going to use?

Almost everyone needs a large knife that can be used for a variety of major cutting purposes. This should be the centerpiece of any knife set and the backbone for a lot of the cooking that is going to require serious knife work. Beyond this, most people will want a group of really fantastic steak knives that can cut through the meat of all kind.

A decent length serrated blade is also a very important part of any knife set. Many cooks, in fact, prefer a couple. These are fantastic for slicing vegetables and fruits, especially for fibrous plants that can be difficult to cut through.

That is why looking at the types of knives you use is important to get the best possible set for your specific needs. A quality ten piece knife set with two good serrated blades, a good large knife, and several smaller steak knives might be a far better fit than a large 20 or 40 piece set that offer more knives but which become more clutter than anything else.

Trust Balance & Feel

fit into your handsYou always want to hold the knives you are looking at purchasing if at all possible. Everyone can talk about blade construction and the cutting effectiveness, but you don’t know how naturally (or not) the handles fit into your hands or how much you like how it works. Knives that could seem like the best choice might feel heavy or clunky in your hands.

If the knife doesn’t feel extremely comfortable and natural in your hand, you need to look for another one. At the end of the day the chef needs to be comfortable with his or her tools, and if you are not particularly comfortable with the knife that is being used, then it doesn’t matter how well constructed it is.

Always trust your interpretation of the balance and feel of the blades and you are far more likely to find knives that work for you.

What Is Your Price Range?

Price matters. While you don’t want a budget to be the final deciding factor, what use is a $5,000 knife set if your budget is a few hundred? Focus on the type of knife sets that are in your price range and eventually you will be able to find one that meets your needs and won’t completely bust your budget.

Keeping all these factors in mind and balance is the best way to figure out which knife sets are truly the best for your specific needs.

Additional Resources

5 Reasons Why You Must Chose ProgeCAD

ProgeCAD is the quality software program for Microsoft Windows that enables printing and modifying of DXF in addition to DWG files from all versions of the already familiar AutoCAD.

This software offers us with a lot more possibilities in editing documents than other comparable forms of the program. ProgeCAD turned from-at first named ProgeSOFTinteliCAD, until the builders modified the name into ProgeCAD in 2005. It is a software platform evolved in Como, Italy. Here are six reasons why you ought to by way of ProgeCAD as opposed to AutoCAD.

1. To start with this software uses DWG based native layout. There aren’t any similar calculations to be made while converting AutoCad files.
2. It is far way inexpensive than AutoCAD. The ProgeCad prices one tenth of the price of AutoCad to be specific. It has greater capabilities, and is truly a whole lot simpler to apply and cope with.
3. Unique Utilities, equipment and features. ALE, Blocks libraries management.ProgeCAD incorporates all of the variations of ALE, the progesoft’s powerful module for blocks management.

You may convert PDF to DXF effortlessly with no problem or complicated techniques. With ProgeCAD it is possible to convert PDF to a DXF report which changed into a lot of expected choices.

This type of conversion permits the managing of PDF into ProgeCad as some other drawing file, which you used before. If the PDF doesn’t include vector statistics, the outcomes of conversion will be shown in DXF document format with a few connected raster photos. You can also use raster to vector,ProgeCAD Professional includes WinTopo raster to vector tool.
4. There’s no mastering curve for customers of AutoCAD, as it is extraordinarily easy to discover ways to use, it has customizable interface instead of locked one, so you could have all of the freedom of customization to make it suitable for your fashion of labor.
5. There’s also a 30- loose trial version. Unfastened updates for the period of the use of. There may be a free license, which can be registered on one PC at a time, despite the fact that there may be the choice to transport the license to any other one.


Community license is installable on limitless desktops and used on the time using numerous customers. There are some of network floating licenses which might be identical to the quantity of customers which can be required to run this system at the equal time. The unlimited person quantity underneath one organization call is likewise a super choice for companies and small workplace sorts corporations.

These five reasons ought to be sufficient to persuade you to buy ProgeCAD in preference to AutoCAD. If you are not convinced that ProgeCAD is better just try the 30-days trial version that has most of the updated of the full version and judge for yourself. 

ProgeCAD – Advantages Over AutoCad

ProgeCAD is the best software for Microsoft windows that enables printing and editing of DXF as well as DWG files from all versions of the already familiar AutoCAD. This software presents us with much more possibilities in editing files than other similar types of program.

ProgeCAD was originally named ProgeSOFTinteliCAD, until the developers changed the name into ProgeCAD in 2005. It is a software platform developed in Como, Italy. It is often described by experts as a professional and native 3D/2D DWG Cad that comes with applications, services, and libraries at extremely low prise. In this article, we will try to, in six short explanations, explain the advantages of ProgeCAD, over AutoCAD.
1. First of all this software uses DWG based native format. There are no further calculations to be made when converting AutoCad files.

2. There is no learning curve for users of AutoCAD, as it is extremely easy to learn to use it has customizable interface instead of locked one, so you will have all the freedom of customization to make it suitable for your style of work.
3. Exclusive Utilities, Tools, and Functions. ALE, Blocks libraries management.ProgeCAD contains all the versions of ALE, the progesoft’s powerful module for blocks management.
You can convert PDF to DXF easily with no hassle or complicated processes. With ProgeCAD, it is possible to convert PDF to a DXF file which was the much-expected option.

This type of conversion enables the handling of PDF into ProgeCad as any other drawing file that you used before. If the pdf doesn’t contain vector information, the results of conversion will be shown in DXF file format with some attached raster images. You can use also raster to vector,ProgeCAD Professional includes WinTopo raster to vector tool.
4. It is way cheaper than AutoCAD. The ProgeCad costs one tenth of the price of AutoCad to be precise. It has more features and is much easier to use and handle.
5. There is also a 30- free trial version. Free updates for the time of using. There is a single license, which can be registered on one PC at a time, although there is the option to move the license to another one. A network license is installable on unlimited PCs and used at the time by several users accordingly the purchased licenses where 1 NLM equals one current user. There is some network floating licenses that are equal to the number of users that are required to run the program at the same time. The unlimited user number under one company name is also a great option for corporations and small office types companies.

6. Free to schools. Here are some of the schools that use ProgeCAD: Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University, Japan; The University of Sothern Mississippi- U.S.; National Optical Astronomy Observatory, Tucson-U.S.; the University of Arizona, Colege of Optical Sciences, Tucson-U.S.

These six reasons should be enough to convince you to buy ProgeCAD instead of AutoCAD that is obviously surpassed. 

AutoCAD Basics And Introduction To ProgeCAD

AutoCAD can be classified into a group of software packages aimed at drawing, design and other aspects of the application of computers in engineering practice. Computer-aided design (CAD) is a powerful tool in the hands of the contemporary designer. The speed and ease with which drawings are created or modified with the help of computers are immense advantages over the classic mode. It can be said that the limits of application of AutoCAD installed by users themselves because everything that until recently could draw on an old, familiar way we can also generate with the help of AutoCAD.

Here are a few areas of application in which AutoCAD already found its place: Architectural drawings of all types, flow diagrams and organizational schemes, offers and presentations, charts of all kinds, blueprints in the field of electrical engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering and aerospace, Making of topographic and geographic maps, Graphs and other types of performances mathematical functions, logo design, greeting cards and other types of art drawings.

When drawing with the help of AutoCAD, you are creating something much more complex than just drawings.

The computer can receive information about the elements of drawings in a manner which will later enable them to be a readily amendment, modification or a different presentation, to draw the maximum from each of the entered information. With all this use of AutoCAD does not imply a previous knowledge of electronics is not programming, but its use is tailored to the needs of modern users.
Computer equipment necessary to work with AutoCAD consists of IBM PC or its compatible computer, and peripheral devices such as various plotters, printers, digitizers, etc. Unlike other forms of computer use (word processing, databases, etc.) Application in the design of computer sets against much higher requirements, both regarding processing power and the particularities of individual configuration elements. It is necessary above all to provide high-quality display of drawings on the screen to allow monitoring of the work process without the operator eyestrain.

Besides the slow data processing impairs concentration and hinders the efficient work, a lack of appropriate peripheral equipment prevents the materialization of the project, which previous efforts seem futile.
You are all aware that AutoCAD is a necessity in your business, but it can cost a lot, especially if you have to buy licenses for all your employees. But do you know that you can purchase all that you need and save money? That is possible with ProgeCAD program that is equally good as regular AutoCAD. ProgeCAD Professional is ideal CAD tool designed for those who have the need for creating or using 2D / 3D CAD drawings: students, teachers, architects, construction engineers and technicians … As a basic format drawings progeCAD DWG format benefits (from version 2.5 to the version used in the latest version of AutoCAD) interface and a philosophy of work that is identical to AutoCAD which makes it an ideal replacement that does not require laborious and time-consuming adjustments.

AutoCAD is a bible in this business, but there are cheaper variations, especially if you are new in this business and every advice worth a lot. 

ProgeCAD – Better Than AutoCAD

Today is almost impossible to imagine the work in an architectural realm without AutoCAD. In spite of the fact that there are far more specialized packages DWG drawings remain most commonly used, and the use of the AutoCAD format is usually a guarantee that it will not be a problem when moving drawings from hand to hand. However, the high cost of the program because of the process of legalization of software put many companies in an awkward position. Sometimes buying more licenses is often unthinkable.

Software named IntelliCAD evolved to a few years ago, when the legal right to its further development purchased several companies. Then, the interesting move was made – to the interface of identical AutoCAD the existing code was added, and thereby virtually created a clone that is used in the same way, with the same controls, and the price of the program was few dozen times lower.
The program named ProgeCAD aside to the identical window and commands contains virtually identical icons, names of palettes with icons and their schedules. Commands whose names are not allowed to duplicate them are considered to be different, but the same can be invoked abbreviations. For example, OFFSET called PARALLEL, or stands – O; OSNAP is a tool here called eSnap, or can be configured OS command. It is interesting that they are ProgeCAD some components are merged into one dialog. For example, management layers, planes, blocks, projections, as well as the types of lines and angle are housed in a unique window named CAD Explorer. This avoids repeatedly closing and opening some new windows. Program ProgeCAD uses standard DWG format drawings and loaded without any problems drawings are done in AutoCAD. Software followed the development of the DWG format entirely, and ProgeCAD not only opens each DWG file but also records in any format for an earlier version of AutoCAD – from 2.5 up until 2009.

When opening and saving files created in AutoCAD or Architectural Desktop, which contain objects, that internally supports, ProgeCAD boasts non-destructive – if it encounters such object, it will only indicate the symbol, and the rest of the drawings displayed normally. Save function will also keep these objects so that they normally open in the parent program. 

The latest version of ProgeCad include elements such as:
– Print Area Visualization: Display format before release;
– The ability to export models to Google Earth;
– Command Qdima to facilitate the listing;
– Spell Check tool;
– Improvements in editing text (text editing);
– Quick Group: creation of a group with a single click;
– Management command PURGE through dialog;
– Attributes and the ability to export data from the blocks;
– Support for Autodesk DIESEL programming language;

The main reason why people go from AutoCAD to ProgeCAD is the popular price. We live in a time when you can probably download almost anything, but if you are a professional, you must have a legal version of this program. Therefore, ProgeCAD has a good advantage, but don’t remember that also has all things that AutoCAD gives.

ProgeCAD-CAD Software Adapted For MS Windows Platform

ProgeCAD is CAD software adapted for MS Windows platform, well known among designers and architects as a great tool for modifying and printing DWG and DXF files created in AutoCAD.
ProgeCAD Deutschland coming from the the partnership of ProgeSoft and NWS Germany release some more good news for all designers, architects and engineers out there used to lean on ProgeCad software in their work.

These companies have first released a German version of ProgeCad few years ago and soon after that, free tutorials in The German language appeared online. E-book was meant for both, beginners and experienced users who speak German more fluently than English.

At the same time, ProgeSoft released German version of their software enabling German users to use ProgeCad edition which features commands in native German language. This ProgeCad version offered improved AutoCAD compatibility with dozens of special functions, such as PDF conversion, QDIM or Google Earth export.
As the latest news, here’s a welcome to the German version of ProgeCAD 2016, equipped with dozens of great new features. Advanced, German version of this software supports all improved and new features covered by ProgeCAD 2016, including a wide collection of functions designed to improve the capability of the software and enable users to utilize it more effectively.
Dynamic input is a new tooltip that displays updated information in German next to the cursor, allowing a user to specify values at the tooltip text box. If you want to save, open or back up all your work on the cloud, the new version of ProgeCAD is compatible with most of cloud services. This means you can store your drawings on Dropbox, One drive or Google drive and make them available to your colleagues or customers.
ProgeCAD 2016 provides various annotative objects you can use to add notes and information to your drawings and drawing fields is a tool that inserts title block text and keeps it updated automatically.

Another innovation in ProgeCAD 2016 that makes this version so attractive and practical is auto-complete command mode. This feature enables the user to enter the command on the specific line and the feature will auto complete system of given variables. 

The major function of all AutoCAD like software is to strongly support 3D modeling. Some powerful new functions integrated into ProgeCAD 2016 made 3d modeling incredibly easy.
Advanced solid grips allow the user to change size and shape of solids by simple dragging grips and there is, also, an option for creating temporary XY plane for drawing. During the 3D modeling process, the 3D Ortho function comes handy quite often. It keeps cursor moving parallel to Z axis of current UCS, making your manipulations with all three dimensions so much easier.

Similar to some previous versions, ProgeCAD 2016 supports PDF print function. All the listed innovations include using of technical terminology in native German. If your German is more fluent than English and you come across some troubles while using the newest version of ProgeCAD, nothing to worry about.

The software provides detailed explanations within help manual, all translated into German. The application is available as a free trial for 30 days and its value is definitely worth the current price.
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