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Today is almost impossible to imagine the work in an architectural realm without AutoCAD. In spite of the fact that there are far more specialized packages DWG drawings remain most commonly used, and the use of the AutoCAD format is usually a guarantee that it will not be a problem when moving drawings from hand to hand. However, the high cost of the program because of the process of legalization of software put many companies in an awkward position. Sometimes buying more licenses is often unthinkable.

Software named IntelliCAD evolved to a few years ago, when the legal right to its further development purchased several companies. Then, the interesting move was made – to the interface of identical AutoCAD the existing code was added, and thereby virtually created a clone that is used in the same way, with the same controls, and the price of the program was few dozen times lower.
The program named ProgeCAD aside to the identical window and commands contains virtually identical icons, names of palettes with icons and their schedules. Commands whose names are not allowed to duplicate them are considered to be different, but the same can be invoked abbreviations. For example, OFFSET called PARALLEL, or stands – O; OSNAP is a tool here called eSnap, or can be configured OS command. It is interesting that they are ProgeCAD some components are merged into one dialog. For example, management layers, planes, blocks, projections, as well as the types of lines and angle are housed in a unique window named CAD Explorer. This avoids repeatedly closing and opening some new windows. Program ProgeCAD uses standard DWG format drawings and loaded without any problems drawings are done in AutoCAD. Software followed the development of the DWG format entirely, and ProgeCAD not only opens each DWG file but also records in any format for an earlier version of AutoCAD – from 2.5 up until 2009.

When opening and saving files created in AutoCAD or Architectural Desktop, which contain objects, that internally supports, ProgeCAD boasts non-destructive – if it encounters such object, it will only indicate the symbol, and the rest of the drawings displayed normally. Save function will also keep these objects so that they normally open in the parent program. 

The latest version of ProgeCad include elements such as:
– Print Area Visualization: Display format before release;
– The ability to export models to Google Earth;
– Command Qdima to facilitate the listing;
– Spell Check tool;
– Improvements in editing text (text editing);
– Quick Group: creation of a group with a single click;
– Management command PURGE through dialog;
– Attributes and the ability to export data from the blocks;
– Support for Autodesk DIESEL programming language;

The main reason why people go from AutoCAD to ProgeCAD is the popular price. We live in a time when you can probably download almost anything, but if you are a professional, you must have a legal version of this program. Therefore, ProgeCAD has a good advantage, but don’t remember that also has all things that AutoCAD gives.

Keen Neslon

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