ProgeCAD – Advantages Over AutoCad

ProgeCAD is the best software for Microsoft windows that enables printing and editing of DXF as well as DWG files from all versions of the already familiar AutoCAD. This software presents us with much more possibilities in editing files than other similar types of program.

ProgeCAD was originally named ProgeSOFTinteliCAD, until the developers changed the name into ProgeCAD in 2005. It is a software platform developed in Como, Italy. It is often described by experts as a professional and native 3D/2D DWG Cad that comes with applications, services, and libraries at extremely low prise. In this article, we will try to, in six short explanations, explain the advantages of ProgeCAD, over AutoCAD.
1. First of all this software uses DWG based native format. There are no further calculations to be made when converting AutoCad files.

2. There is no learning curve for users of AutoCAD, as it is extremely easy to learn to use it has customizable interface instead of locked one, so you will have all the freedom of customization to make it suitable for your style of work.
3. Exclusive Utilities, Tools, and Functions. ALE, Blocks libraries management.ProgeCAD contains all the versions of ALE, the progesoft’s powerful module for blocks management.
You can convert PDF to DXF easily with no hassle or complicated processes. With ProgeCAD, it is possible to convert PDF to a DXF file which was the much-expected option.

This type of conversion enables the handling of PDF into ProgeCad as any other drawing file that you used before. If the pdf doesn’t contain vector information, the results of conversion will be shown in DXF file format with some attached raster images. You can use also raster to vector,ProgeCAD Professional includes WinTopo raster to vector tool.
4. It is way cheaper than AutoCAD. The ProgeCad costs one tenth of the price of AutoCad to be precise. It has more features and is much easier to use and handle.
5. There is also a 30- free trial version. Free updates for the time of using. There is a single license, which can be registered on one PC at a time, although there is the option to move the license to another one. A network license is installable on unlimited PCs and used at the time by several users accordingly the purchased licenses where 1 NLM equals one current user. There is some network floating licenses that are equal to the number of users that are required to run the program at the same time. The unlimited user number under one company name is also a great option for corporations and small office types companies.

6. Free to schools. Here are some of the schools that use ProgeCAD: Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University, Japan; The University of Sothern Mississippi- U.S.; National Optical Astronomy Observatory, Tucson-U.S.; the University of Arizona, Colege of Optical Sciences, Tucson-U.S.

These six reasons should be enough to convince you to buy ProgeCAD instead of AutoCAD that is obviously surpassed. 
Keen Neslon

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